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God instructed me to build a ministry which would help believers reach their purpose and position in Christ, and it was with great excitement and a heart full of thanksgiving that I hosted the Inaugural Service of Life by Design Ministries on January 1, 2006.

We believe, by the Word of God, that God has a unique plan and purpose for each person's life. It is His express desire that no man perish, but that ALL men come into relationship with Him. God has provided a bridge, a door for our access to Him, Jesus Christ.   Jesus states clearly that His purpose in coming to was to give us LIFE and LIFE in abundant fashion. By the preaching and teaching of God’s unfailing word, we at Life by Design Ministries look to help all people find their position and purpose in the body of Jesus Christ!

We stand and believe that:

      Jesus is Lord

      The Bible is God’s Word

      Salvation is offered to ALL men.